October 9, 2013

Lucy's Angel Protected cover photoOkay – it’s official. My book, Lucy’s Angel: Protected is now available on Amazon.com. YAY!

Please do check it out! Lucy’s Angel: Protected

What took me so long???

Inexperience! There’s a lot to learn about being an Indie publisher, and I had to keep making appropriate changes. And, today, I finally did it.

I must admit to being very nervous about the whole process. It’s like standing up to give a speech in front of an audience where no one knows you. Knees knocking! Suddenly my notes fall from my shaking hands and I’m petrified that I’ll say or do the wrong thing. Then I try to talk and my vocal cords decide to have a sex change. Nervous? Who Me?

Kidding aside, I do hope you enjoy Lucy’s Angel: Protected, which is Book One in this series. Yes, Book One. I didn’t realize Lucy’s Angel would become a series until I got to the end of the first book, Protected, and suddenly knew I couldn’t really “The End” her story. Not with this book, anyhow. I am already working on Book 2! Yay!

It is amazing how much a fictional character can become a part of your life. I was cleaning up my Mac desktop the other day, moving files into their appropriate “forever” folders when my 10-year-old granddaughter said, “Who’s that?” pointing to the picture of the model who became “Lucy” in my mind. She quickly added, “Oh, it’s just Lucy.” It was the same tone of acceptance she would use to say, “Oh, it’s just Mom.” I smiled. Yes, it is just Lucy. A forever part of our family glue. And someone, though fictional, we will always cherish.

All that nervous chatter to say, “It’s LIVE!”

I do hope you will read it and leave a review. That would be so nice of you. A million thanks in advance!

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