Protected: Lucy’s Angel Book 1

What do a sixteen-year-old, red haired girl named Lucy, an angel called Bartle, the FBI and demons have in common? In this riveting story they are tied together with an intriguing plot that involves kidnapping, murder and fast-paced action, as demons scheme to keep Lucy from realizing her legacy.

The story unfolds from two points of view: Lucy’s and Bartle’s. To make her mother happy, Lucy asks Bartle to go somewhere else to “hang out”. From her viewpoint, he becomes transparent on her sixteenth birthday, a day Lucy describes as the worst day of her life. From Bartle’s viewpoint, that day was when the battle to save Lucy began. What happens next is a bazaar series of events that will keep you riveted to the story as you see what is happening in two realms: visible and invisible, and in three dimensions: earth, heaven and in between.

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