October 9, 2013

Christmaspresent1I shopped for Christmas gifts this year by using the BIC* method … the same method I use as I work at the craft of writing from day to day. What a treat! I didn’t have to put on makeup. Didn’t have to change out of my robe and jams. Just flipped open my laptop and logged into my Amazon account.

Of course, I had to sacrifice a lot as well. For example, I really missed the pushing and shoving, the shopping carts crowding the aisle and the people who stand mindlessly chatting, blocking the aisle completely.


I think writing is turning me into a recluse, though some of my friends and family would dare argue I’ve always been anti-social! I LOVE the peace and quiet. I can play my Christmas music while I shop online and never have to worry with the frustration of the “city sidewalk, busy sidewalks” all decked out to grab your hard-earned money! “In the air there’s a feeling of…” greed and selfishness? No wonder I have asthma. I’m allergic to the atmosphere of greed and selfishness — LOL.

Gee! I bet I sound like a Scrooge. I’m not. I love Christmas. I love the music. I enjoy going to church and singing carols and watching the children’s performances. And most of all I enjoy the time with my family.

Our family members are the most valuable gifts any of us have ever received. As for me, I’m taking that time I saved by shopping online and going to a Singing Christmas tree performance with my daughter and grandchild — a lot more rewarding than pushing a shopping cart. 🙂

But what about your local merchants? Don’t they need your help? Awww! you’ve found the only fly in the ointment. I’m sorry, precious offline store owners!  However, as more people discover the convenience and savings of shopping online … may I make one suggestion? Get your business online. If you can’t set up a big e-commerce site, consider an eBay or Amazon store. Don’t get left out by BIC shoppers like me!

Enjoy the season!

*BIC = ‘butt in chair’

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