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October 9, 2013

My son got a new dog for Christmas, a beautiful black and white Australian Shepherd puppy he named Charlee. His sister thought he needed one as his sweet Black Lab, Lucky, died of kidney failure a few years ago. Shortly after Lucky’s demise, his cat, Joe was killed in a freak accident. If you’ve lost loving family pets, then you know the pain. The fear and pain of another such loss pushed at his heart and mind. He decided not to go down that trail again. His heart hurt too much to get close to another pet. His decision was firm.

The six-week old puppy in the box changed everything. Merry Christmas, little brother. Your sister loves you.

He was more than dismayed. Truth is, the gift frustrated him and his heart sank at the sight of the little splotchy black and white puppy that licked his face like a long-lost friend. He was not all that happy with the living gift but accepted it with as much grace as he could muster. Memories of losing Lucky and Joe surfaced bringing scalding pain. He was miserable. The sweet little puppy hadn’t a clue that her presence was causing him so much pain.

He poured out his agony. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: “She will grow on you. You love animals.”
He: “I do. But I don’t have time and I don’t need a dog. I can’t get attached to another animal. Especially after losing Lucky and Joe. I’ll never get over that. Plus, she’s just a pup! Really, Mom. I don’t have time to train her. “
Me: “So, give her back. Or, give her to me. I’ll get her through the puppy stage and then you can have her back.”
He: “Ummm. No. I won’t hurt Shack’s feelings.”

So, he kept the puppy and now a few weeks later is falling in love with her although he’d probably not admit that just yet. I can see it though.

So, what motivated me to muse about Charlee? Well, today, I’m babysitting and I’m falling in love with the little mutt, too!  She may be just a puppy but she has a ton of personality. So smart! In the few short weeks he’s been Charlee’s person, my son has taught her to sit, lie, speak and obey commands. She’s sweet. Cute. Obedient. Loving. Potty trained. Wow! What’s not to love?

She’s lying at my feet as I write this as you can see in the picture above, probably missing her new person. I know, I know. She’s his dog; but I bet she thinks he’s her person.

Oh wait. I hear his truck. Charlee’s head pops up, and she looks around. The back door opens and closes and his voice filters down the hallway into the office where we’re working. Charlee gets up and stands at attention. Her person is here! He grins as he opens the office door and she runs to him. Daddy’s home. So sweet!

Isn’t she a cutie? That’s Charlee in the picture above. I want her!

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